About Us

We work hard, so we can

play hard

What We’re All About

Recruiters are people too! We know that if we enjoy what we’re doing, you’ll enjoy working with us and our industry-leading team. Our belief is that in order to create a cool company that you want to work with, we have to live and breathe our core values. We believe in these values:

  • Nothing Falls Between the Cracks
  • Everything is Awesome!
  • Compete for Fun. Compete to Win.
  • I’ve Got Your Back
  • Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat.
A man at a board showing graphs while 3 people watch.

Our Knack for Great Matches

We don’t toss a pile of resumés at you just to fill a position. We carefully screen every one of our highly qualified candidates to make sure we’re sending you a great match (and one that saves you time and stress in the long run). Hiring Is a Blend of Art and Science - This is why StarMatch™ was designed to blend our industry expertise with our systematic approach. Reduce risk, boost outcomes and speed up hiring consistently with our proven, repeatable and disciplined process —guaranteed.

A group of males and females behind a desktop computer smiling.

Our Remarkable Team

Our diverse team knows a lot about the industries we serve. And we put a lot of effort into all the groundwork to find just the right candidate for the role—and your company culture.

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Our High-Touch Approach

We put the personal touch into recruiting, with an approach focused on cultivating strong placements and long-term client relationships to help foster your company’s success.

Experts Behind The Scenes

Our leadership team is tops in the industry and is pioneering new ways to help you zökceed!

Travis Medley


Authored the definitive guidebook to Tokyo Disneyland

Matt Bowers


Believes in the value of advanced D&D as a team building tool.


Hamed Yazarlou

Vice President, Sales

Holds Office Record for most Oreos eaten at one sitting


Hannah So

Director of Permanent Services

I always score 100 in karaoke when I sing Frozen’s “Let It Go”


Gregg Brandon

Director of Business Development

I grow 30 different kinds of fruits and vegetables in my garden


Brenda Navarro


Black belt in Ryuei-ryu Karate. Yup!

Our clients and candidates are the lifeblood of our business. I’m proud of the team we’ve assembled, the growth we’ve experienced and the professional and personal impacts we’ve made….all by focusing on making staffing as simple as possible.


TalentZök. Inside Out.

The Zökers on our team love to find ways to celebrate…here are some photos from our celebratory “Spirit Days”!

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